What is magnet therapy?

Magnet Therapy

Magnetic Therapy is based upon the use of magnets on and around the acupuncture points of the body. Applying Magnetic Therapy helps to build new cells to rejuvenate the tissues of the body. It is a natural way of stimulating your body to combat pain.

Some types of illness and pain are associated with imbalances in the biological electric and magnetic fields. Magnet therapy realigns the fields to correct imbalances and bring relief in a number of common conditions including: Arthritis, Joint and muscle pain, shoulder pain, back ache and neck ache, period pain and stress.

"It sounds too simple to be true, yet it has been used for thousands of years. Any Living thing can be treated with magnetic therapy, humans, animals, insects as well as plants."

Magnet therapy is the application of magnets to the body to stimulate the nerves and create a better blood flow to various parts of the body thus helping the organs and glands to function better.

Magnet Therapy is a clinical system in which the human ailments are treated with magnets of various size and strengths and use both north and south poles together or individually. Magnetized water and juices are also used in conjunction with magnet application.